My love affair with glass started over 20 years ago as part of a mid-life crisis in an attempt to balance my corporate and personal lives. Working out of my Lady’s Island home based studio in South Carolina, I found the balance I needed and no longer have a need for the corporate life. Living amongst the towering pine trees and by the marshes and beach all provide inspiration for my glass art. I find glass to be a seductive medium and am drawn to the illusion of texture and movement found in glass and try to incorporate it in my sculptural and functional kiln-fired glass art. With references to fossil forms, my work often suggests a sort of time suspension like that experienced viewing an ancient insect trapped in amber. Because of the transparency of the glass I use, the finished work is always affected by its surroundings and so further and unpredictable influences will come to bear on the final art piece.​
I can't imagine doing anything else.  How often do we get the chance to do something that we love?  

Living the dream.... come see my work at any of the art festivals listed on my Schedule or email me if you have something special in mind for your home or a special someone....
>Fine Kiln-Formed Glass by Kathy Oda
Photography by Jason Dowdle
I'm creating some different shapes and sizes and have added some photos to the gallery! I will be taking them on the road with me!