>Fine Kiln-Formed Glass by Kathy Oda
Custom Orders - I can make an art piece specifically for you! Some examples are below
The garnet red signifies power & I used silver as it is the color of patience, perseverance, insight, and reflection.  I used black as an anchor and included maple leaves mono-printed in enamels because the maple leaves serve as love symbols as they depict the wonder of love in everyday life.
This piece signifies the sunrise in winter where the sky is still so dark but the sun pushes it out of the way.
This piece was created from a blown glass urn that was part of a local mall lighting scheme. I applied the monoprinted leaf prints and turned it into a bowl.
These 35 snowflake plates were created as a holiday corporate party gift. They were in varying shades of gray and hand stenciled.
This piece was made for a specific space in a basement living area. It was meant to simulate a fireplace and provide warmth through the strong, vibrant colors.
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