>Fine Kiln-Formed Glass by Kathy Oda
The Birth of My New Studio!!

I have always used whatever space I had available to work on my glass. Most recently, I took over the Carolina room and part of the garage where I have been happily creating for the last 5 years. And then my sister said, "You need your own studio so you can properly grow your business and realize your dreams."

My old studio space... very functional and gets the job done!
Carolina Room office/studioWorktable and glass storageGlass storage and shelving for tons of 'necessary' stuffstorage for more stuffMailing/wrapping/photography stationView to my future studio across the patio!
The plan!Site of my new studio!The footers go in...It's time for concrete!!smoothing out the concrete!
Framing begins!Framed and ready for windows!awesome windows and light!Mags is mostly deaf now and has slept through just about all of the construction so far!
I built out new studio space and it was finished in August, 2016. Take a tour!