The pieces that I present for review consist of plates, bowls and sculptural pieces made of fused glass.   I layer glass shards and use leaves and paint to create a contrast with the smooth surface. This creates a multi-dimensional effect after being fired in the kiln.  

In the kiln, the temperatures range from 1450 to 1725 degrees depending on the type of fusing that works with the design that I’m implementing.  Most pieces are fired several times to add various design elements and additional depth.  The end result is a mosaic of color and the unformed edges provide an organic feel to the piece.  

Most pieces piece are placed in a custom stand now created by me.  My Dad spent the last two years teaching me how to make them by myself.  It’s not nearly as much fun as working with Dad but at least I’m equipped to make them now and truth be told, he still helps me out with thorny metal design problems.  The stands frame my work, thereby allowing the light to shine through the translucent glass to showcase each piece.

All components of my work are created domestically from the sheet glass that is hand poured in Oregon to my kilns which were made in Ohio and Texas to the steel rod out of Tennessee and Illinois used for the stands and the stands themselves which are hand crafted by my Dad and me in South Carolina where it all comes together into a single art piece in Beaufort, South Carolina. .
>Fine Kiln-Formed Glass by Kathy Oda
Photography by Larry Berman