A New Direction!

A New Direction!

It's been a busy summer and fall!

by Kathy Oda on 11/08/17

I was introduced to Instagram and am learning the wonders of hashtags. I worked on my lost wax casting with some measure of success and then got busy with the art shows. My glass has continued to be well received which makes me happy! Thank you all for your support!

I also took my splats in a different direction and created mini and midi sculptures out of them... they are a little more freeform and organic. I also made some smaller versions of the splats and have been making mobiles which dance and dodge in the breeze. LOTS of fun!!

Only a couple more events left this year and then I will turn my attention back to casting so pay attention to the website, FB and IG for my new glass art!

midi sculpture and mobile

Excavation Complete!

by Kathy Oda on 05/02/17

Green Piece is divested of its plaster and as polished as it is going to get... This will be the first of many of my new Connections series and I am very pleased. I dropped it off at the Palmetto Hands Fine Craft Exhibition this afternoon. It's not finished enough to win a prize but I just want to get it out there...

 Green Piece. The first of many in my new Connections series!


by Kathy Oda on 05/01/17

I am cautiously optimistic that I'm moving in the right direction! I took Blue Moon and Green Piece to the Honey Horn show this past weekend. I had 5 offers to buy Blue Moon but in all good conscience, I could not sell it since it is not stable. But I know I'm on the right track so am feeling pretty darn good about it!


Green Piece Unleashed!

by Kathy Oda on 04/24/17

Spent the weekend at a show cleaning the plaster off of this piece. I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. Still have several hours of cleanup left to go but have proved that my concept is sound... I can't wait to play with color combinations! This is spring green, yellow with a pop of red. I think the red looks a little ominous and disturbing.... hmmmm....

On another note, got home and found my kiln hadn't fired properly so am refiring the 3 pieces and keeping my fingers crossed!

An Archaeological Dig!

by Kathy Oda on 04/18/17

Feeling cautiously optimistic as I start to excavate the first of my new work... It appears to have fired correctly... We'll see how it goes as I scrape away layers of plaster...


>Fine Kiln-Formed Glass by Kathy Oda