Research and Development... : A New Direction!

Research and Development...

by Kathy Oda on 04/07/17

I've been working and refining my current body of work for over 8 years... It's time to stretch and challenge myself... I've long wanted to go more 3 dimensional with my glass but wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it... I took a class from Carol Milne to learn how to knit with glass and immediately realized that I could take the basics and take it in a new direction...

6 months later, I still do not have a complete piece out of the kiln....  This painting that I bought by John Stillmunks reflects my bit of frustration perfectly! Patience is a virtue... I'm close...It's all about the journey, right?  




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1. Jill said on 4/8/17 - 07:59AM
Good luck!

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