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What's Going On?

by Kathy Oda on 03/13/19

Obviously, I am not very good with my blog. I can't believe it's been well over a year since my last post! So much changed last year. I showed my glass in several new markets and Dallas and D.C. showed their love! I was accepted as a featured artist for my local art league which is kind of a big deal since they don't traditionally have 3-D artists participate since I have seven walls of varying sizes where I  need to hang glass! 

I've been stressing and stressing on what my them should be and finally, during a particularly nasty bout of bronchial nastiness in February, I wrote myself a note sometime during a fever induced sleep. When I finally surfaced, I had written 'Turtles! Add Turtles!!' and so that's what I'm doing. 

I will still include my flora and fauna but will frame turtles! I'm going to take some of them on the road with me. I'll be heading to Dallas for 2 weekends, then to St. Petersburg and then Hilton Head. We'll see if the turtles are well received! Fingers crossed!
Turtle Power!

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1. Cynthia Buckley said on 4/9/19 - 06:00AM
Love the turtles! My husband and I are Hunting Island Sea Turtle Volunteers. Hoping to get over to Honey Horn to see your work. Love it!

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